Ace Divino noida extention

Ace Divino noida extention
Residential Flats

17 May, 2019

Brand Ace Divino

Price MinQuantity Capacity City Country
3455386 50 800 Greater Noida India


ACE DIVINO basically it’s a luxurious project that comes in a luxurious segment if you find a property in the market. So we have 3 kinds of properties.

  1. Affordable-: As you can say EWS Apartments dedicated to the economic weaker societies
  2. Great-: It comes under a mediocre one. that all we can afford easily
  3. Luxurious-: luxury is like which comes with the features, facilitation

Luxury is that segment we usually unable to found that property comes to our pocket and that wouldn’t afford our pocket. This is the first time that any of the builders has launched his luxury segment product at an affordable price or u can say the mediocre prices. Luxury doesn’t come with the apartments or any other things luxury is like which comes with the features, which comes with the facilitation and at Ace Divino, you got each and every satisfaction which you require for your family your loved ones your relatives. Here at Ace Divino, the project is started from the commercial market were the shop starts from 850sq.ft of an area or nearby with higher size and that the highest to retail.

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  • : Ace Divino
  • : 3455386
  • : 50
  • : 800
  • : Greater Noida
  • : India
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